Turn off the Electronics and Go Outside

Turn off the Electronics and Go Outside

With a growing dependence on hardware and technology, children now tend to become obese at an early age. It is really disturbing that a great number of diseases are developing in a soulful body at the peak moments of a child’s life.

The best getaway from the grasp of such diseases is turning off electronics, like the television or computer, and exploring the outdoors. Building a tree house can be an exciting and constructive activity, as it enhances creativity and exploits the mental brilliance, which has likely been locked inside the television or computer games.

The coin drop game is another option for rejuvenating the body and soul. The set up for this game involves marking “start” and placing turn-back lines a good distance apart. The lids of egg cartons need to be cut and placed – one for each team – on the ground midway between the start and turn-back lines. With 20 pennies arranged per bowl, per team at the turn back line, the game is ready to be played. Each player should aim at having one penny in each carton. Whoever reaches this goal first is the winner.

Since children are growing increasingly inclined to play with indoor electronics, it is important that they grow physically strong too. However, children tend to reject the age-old methods of fun, like sprinting and long jump. To make outdoor activities more fun, a penny spoon race could be a great game choice. With “start” and “finish” lines and a few players, the game is all set to enjoy. Simply fill spoons with pennies and give one to each player. The players should to be first to reach the finish line without any pennies dropping. If a penny drops, the player has to stop immediately at the referee’s call. Whoever reaches the finish line first is the winner.

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