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A new and fun outdoor game called Rollors

Playing a game can be a good way to mix relaxation and activity. One that people can roll out at the park, the beach, or even in their own yards. A game that is easy to set up and play, yet has a degree of challenge which can be varied depending on the players and other factors. Ideally, the pieces of such a game would be simple in design and construction to keep production costs down making it affordable for game players. It should be compact so it travels well and is easily stored. That game is called ROLLORS®. 

ROLLORS® can be played wherever a flat ground surface can be found. ROLLORS® is a game of skill that requires a modest level of physical activity. The components of the lawn game, rolling disks, (e.g. ROLLORS®) are basic in design and construction keeping the cost down. The difficulty of play of the lawn game using ROLLORS® can be quickly varied depending on the age and skill level of the players, the degree of challenge desired or other factors as decided by the players. When broken down, ROLLORS® is compact in dimension so that it can be toted and stored with ease.

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